Your Unique Home, Our Tailored Marketing Service

We take time over your property to prepare it for sale. Your home is important to you and it’s important to us. We’ll make sure it’s equally important to prospective buyers.

We’ll be meticulous in making sure we have the information we need and a brochure that sells every aspect of your property. We’ll help get your home ready for viewings and share feedback promptly.

There’s no minimum price to sell your home through Turn Key. But while it’s not about an exclusive price range, it definitely is about value.

Our speciality is homes with a difference, a difference which makes the home unique. Everything we do is focused on making your home irresistible.


We’re in the business of selling property and we know what works well. We provide honest and useful advice about preparing for sale (this might mean having a little declutter!) and we’ll prompt you to think about these things early on, as well as preparing for individual viewings.

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Our professional photographer will capture the beauty of your home, capitalising on natural light, architectural features and the ways in which you’ve made your home unique. 


With the images to hand, our graphic designer will create the right brochure for your property. Each brochure will be unique, because your house is unique too. These are publications that will really make your home stand out from the crowd.


Our brochure will capture your home’s personality and be a powerful aid in making a sale.

To complement evocative photographs, our independent copywriter will create engaging descriptions to bring out the history and ambience of the property. Usually this will need a telephone or video interview beforehand, at your convenience, so that the impressions and details are first-hand.

The result is eloquent and informative prose that creates a compelling narrative about the house, its features and grounds, and the people that have made it a home.


All your viewings are taken care of. We know your house is your home, so we’ll do everything possible to minimise disruption. We’ll give you as much notice as possible and arrive early to set the scene.


Once the viewing has started, we’ll be sure that the potential buyer has time to see the property at its best and to learn about what makes it unique – and why it could be their next home.


We understand the many and various property markets in Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties.


We know that’s its rich heritage has left a legacy of many outstanding properties and yours is one of them. When we agree an instruction, we are already thinking ahead to the audience to whom it will appeal most.


Our strategies will be tailor-made for each property, depending on location, size, condition, and whether or not there is land attached.


We will use carefully chosen property websites and our brochures will be physical as well as digital. We will actively promote your property in a targeted manner to find you the right buyer.

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