Our Story

Clarity without compromise, quality and excellence as standard

Our business is based on trust – it’s also based on knowing that we do our job well, consistently. And it is based on a unique take on the property market. We specialise on homes of character and personality, the home with an interesting past and unusual features. However, we’ve come to this very particular market on the back of wide experience in residential sales.

What We Do


With a deep understanding of local markets, and including working with other firms of Estate Agents, we felt it was time to do things differently. In the past we’ve felt that things were done because they had always been done that way, not because they met a need. Over time, we felt that things could and should be done with greater purpose; we felt that many people were subjected to unnecessary stress and we were determined to find a better alternative – so now that is what we do.



Our team is dedicated to keeping the selling process simple for our clients and for their purchasers. But what we offer is far from simplistic. We have a sophisticated approach to marketing which respects the individuality of each client and each property. We go to huge lengths to take the stress out of selling and moving. We take the time to make sure things are done properly, every time. We take the time to get things right and give you back the time you need.

If you have a unique home that needs a unique approach to selling, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re considering moving within or to Lincolnshire, we may well have the house of your dreams.