brighten home for summer

The Best Ways to Brighten Your Home Up For Summer

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with design, brighten your home and make it look fresher for warm days. If you would like to keep your home original without making massive changes, there are some tips for you.

Use Summer Themed Patterns

Marine themes are always in fashion, but especially relevant in the summer because they cause direct associations with holidays, the beach and travel.


A stylish addition to the living room interior can be upholstery or covers for furniture and pillows, textile curtains with a striped pattern, zigzag, waves. Such a print is bright and catchy enough to have it on one or two objects for a significant transformation of the room’s decor. For the bedroom, you can use satin bedding with themed patterns. For the hallway, a cute striped rug is quite enough, and for the bathroom – a pale blue shower curtain.

Bright summer home design

Delicate White Colour

You can refresh and visually cool the room by using white colour in the setting of different rooms. If you want major changes, you may try painting the walls the colour of the first snow with a drop of blue. But for those who don’t want such contrast, there is another option: purchase or sew snow-white covers for armchairs, sofas, chairs.


For the kitchen, you can use a white tablecloth, as well as plain dishes. With this technique, the room will become more spacious and gain a feeling of airiness.

spacious bright room

Get Rid of Unnecessary Clutter

In order to let your rooms ‘breathe’ general cleaning is always an option. Clear out things you don’t use regularly to create extra space. Removing heavy curtains by letting in plenty of natural light is a simple way to create a summer atmosphere at your home and get fresh air into the rooms.


A good solution would be dismantling tight curtains and replacing them with roman blinds, these are both practical and an easy way to add colour to the room without crowding the space.

Spacious summer room

Create a Bright Colourful Accent

In anticipation of the summer, we all want to use bright colours in clothes and accessories. Why not use this method to update our apartment? For the living room or kitchen, you can get curtains with a bright print. Pictures with a jungle or fauna will look especially stylish. The more original the print, the fresher your interior will look. Be sure to use bright colours in the interior design of the kitchen – lime, mustard or azure shades will look beautiful.

Colourful summer room accent

Bring the Feeling of Coolness

The combination of blue and white in the bathroom will cause associations with the sea, rivers and waterfalls. Here you are free to use it at your own discretion: a foot mat, bath accessories, a mirror frame, towels and a curtain, a hanger and a towel holder – the sea coolness will manifest itself in a cold range of colours.


When applying a cool range in the interior of the kitchen, be careful, because excessive restraint does not contribute to a healthy appetite, which means that in this room, along with blue, you should use colours with a warm tone, for example, natural green, salad, dandelion. Their combination will make the kitchen and dining room cheerful and fresh, like a real warm summer.

blue bathroom summer design


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