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Creating First Impressions of Your House that Will Last

First impressions are made within the first few seconds of seeing or meeting someone or something so it’s vital to make those few seconds count. How do you do this? Well, there are several ways you can ensure your house’s first impressions are positive and have a lasting effect and we’ve compiled them all in this blog just for you.

People remember the negative things first so limiting the amount of negative things to remember in your house is ideal for making a lasting first impression. 

Your Home's Front Door

Your front door is the first thing people are going to see on your house up close. It’s the first thing that they will judge your home for, so it’s important your front door looks aesthetically pleasing, clean, neat and represents the rest of your house well. 


A simple repaint can transform your front door into a walkway of wonder. Check for scuffs from shoes, scratches from any pets or any damages from children, objects or from yourself. Making your front door look as good as possible can set the bar for the rest of your house and you want the bar to be high. So get painting or polishing!

front door impression while sellinh house

Fresh Paintwork

A new paint job, a revamped old paint job or just an excellent one are all going to ensure people are impressed with what they see. Chipped wallpaper or paint isn’t going to come across great and could cause people to view the house as unfinished, a bit run down or scruffy.


A smooth, freshly painted wall with a colour that brightens and compliments the rest of the house is bound to impress.

Dress Well

The house won’t be the only thing being judged so go the extra mile, dress well and make sure your agent is dressed smart and inviting. By dress well, I don’t mean put on your finest dinner dress, but at least leave the joggers for another day maybe. This can make the overall experience for the house viewer that bit better. Displaying yourself in a way that shows you look after yourself, can also convince people you also take care of the house.

However, if you choose to use an agent like us at Turn-Key Estates, you don’t even have to be there, we’ll handle the house viewings for you. So you can enjoy lounging in jogging bottoms while we sell your house!


It’s tempting to hover over guests and make sure you reassure them with anything and everything negative they may pick out as soon as it’s brought up. However, don’t. Give them some space and let your house speak for itself. You need to let people form their own opinion, steering their verdict with your words could backfire and leave them unsure of their own thoughts.

how creating impressions while showing house

Keep Your House Tidy and Clean

If your house resembles a pigsty, you won’t be attracting many people. A messy and unclean house won’t come across as bespoke and elegant and if this is the look you’re going for, you will only create negative first impressions of your house for people.  

A tidy house looks ten times better and shows that you look after and care for the house, in a way that will leave the new owners with a well-maintained house. The same goes for a clean home, not only does this avoid the unappealing nature of dirt or dust but shows you take good care of the house.

The House Should Smell Good

A bad smell is the least inviting thing to have to endure in a house viewing. Having pleasant aromas dotted around, such as air fresheners, incense burners, freshly baked bread or cookies and a coffee brewing in the kitchen are all excellent and warming smells to have.

Time to Impress!

It’s time to show off your beautiful home to a budding new viewer. Give your house a thorough tidy up, clean in detail – you never know how thorough people are going to be – dress to impress and be inviting and friendly.

Turn Key Estates

An agency that will go the extra mile to sell your luxury home efficiently


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