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How Floor Plans Can Help You Sell a Home

Who knew something that is often overlooked can be the deciding factor in finding a potential buyer for your home? 

If selling homes are considered an artform then surely real estate agents should be using the best tools available in order to get the sale?

While you may believe that the photography of a property is the main selling point, it can be the floor plan that secures you the sale. 

Here is our guide showing you how floor plans can help you when selling your home.

Giving Potential Buyers Measurements

Including measurements with your floor plan gives a potential buyer accurate sizings of the property. With the floor plan laying out the property to the buyer, the combination of the measurements will allow the buyer to see the dimensions of the property accurately. 


Relying on photos to show the measurements of the property does not do the property justice. Furniture in the photo and even the angle of the photo can obscure the dimensions of the property. 


Potential buyers can use this floor plan to visualise how they would use these dimensions with their own furniture. Buyers seeing your property as a blank canvas and allowing them to use their imagination can generate excitement for the buyer.

If they can imagine themselves in the property then you’re halfway there!

Going With the Flow

Seeing the layout of the property, all of its rooms and spaces from a top-down view creates a visual flow for the buyer. 


Seeing the property from this angle allows you to imagine how the property would ‘flow’ for the individual. 


Certain buyers may have specific requirements for their property and this can go a long way in allowing them to visualise how your property would work for their requirements.

House floor plan

Showing Off Bonus Rooms in Your Floor Plan

A floor plan can glamourise what photos cannot. Luxury properties often have extra spaces such as cellars, annexes and office rooms. For the homes going at the high value, a floor plan is essential.


These rooms can often be unphotogenic which may distract a buyer from the potential that these bonus rooms hold.


The floor plan is a sure-fire way to highlight those rooms,  extra rooms with unlimited potential is a smart way to win over viewers or catch a potential buyer’s eye. A win-win for all!

Size Matters

The clutter of furniture, the obscure camera angles; all is removed with a floor plan. 

As well as enhancing photos, the floor plan can also correct the issues with a property’s photo description. 


Does the photography of a room in a property create a cramped appearance? Does the furniture in the picture give the illusion of no space? The floor plan wipes the slate and presents these rooms as a space filled with potential.


This essentially gives your property a more spacious appearance. Creating this spacious view of the property is a huge benefit when selling your property.

site plan saves space

Time Saver

The application of a floor plan is a massive time saver for both the buyer and the seller.

Being truthful to the measurements and layout of the property can show a potential buyer if your home is going to work from the outset.


This can save you time and money in the long run if you are selling your home,  saving you from any potential heartbreak along the way.


The creation of a floor plan can allow the seller to spend more time and energy on their property. Making it a perfect experience for the perfect buyer.


If you have read this and are now interested in buying or selling your home, we would love to have a chat with you.


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