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How Long Will It Take To Sell My Luxury Home?

There Is No Set Time

The length of time it takes to sell your home is dependent on a multitude of variables. Some houses take years to sell whereas some are able to sell within days of being on the market. This all depends on several factors, some of which, like the ones we will talk about below, can be transformed into advertising gold.

Where is Your Home?

The location of your home can have a big impact on buyers attention. Is your home near a school? Often for young families, being near a school is a high priority. However, In some cases, it’s the opposite, with people preferring to be far away from the noise and chaos of a school area so either way, it can work to your advantage depending on who you are targeting.  


Is your house near any local shops or supermarkets? Supermarkets being local and within a short drive/walk of their house is more often than not preferred. Do you live near public transport, such as a train station? These are common favourable locations especially for commuters who want quick and easy access to transport for wherever they need to be.

How Much Are You Selling For?

The price you’re advertising your home for can make or break a sale. Is the price you’re selling your house for realistic? Is your home worth the amount you are hoping to sell it for? A grossly overpriced house is unlikely to sell quickly, or at all if people don’t see the value of spending that much for the quality of the house they would get.

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How to Sell Your Home Successfully

The way you sell and how you market your home can also affect the time it takes to sell your home. Image quality, house description, price and professional photos can all make a bigger difference than you would expect.

Work with Agents Who Have Marketing Expertise

It’s important to go with an agent who knows what they’re doing, are they going to price correctly, use a professional home stager, professional photos, videos and brochures of high quality. The most common ways people search for a new house are websites such as Rightmove or Zoopla. So it’s important that in the sea of houses on the website, yours stands out amongst the rest.

Be Realistic About Price And Timeframe

You may dream of selling your home for far more than it’s worth but hold your horses. An overpriced house, for its value, is going to be much harder to sell. Be realistic about the price you’re going to sell at.


Another thing to consider is how long you’re willing to keep it on the market at its original asking price. If your house is failing to sell after a few months, lowering the price slightly could help you finalise a sale. 

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Keep the Selling Process Under Review

Review your success and make changes where they’re needed. If you notice your agent not marketing and advertising consistently, not giving you regular updates, or failing to do an adequate job of selling your house, consider your options. If they aren’t doing their job well, it might be good to shop around for another, more reliable and capable agent.  

Use Home Staging to Your Advantage

Making your house look like a 5-star hotel is something you can use to your advantage. Looks matter, in this case, people want to see something different, something that impresses them and makes them notice your house above the rest.  

Turn Key Estates

An agency that will go the extra mile to sell your luxury home efficiently


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