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Our Properties

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We specialise in homes which stand out from the crowd. Browse through the homes we have on offer. If you’re selling, you can see how we might treat your property. If you’re buying but can’t see quite what you need, just give us a call.

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Our Equestrians

We know the local equestrian world well and understand the particular needs and preferences in this market. Call us for a chat.

We Have the Expertise to Guide Your Move Forward


If you’re thinking of selling a truly unique property, or one with a very special story, call us to discuss your plans and for a no-obligation valuation.

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Our speciality is in selling the house that is unique – we love working with a home that has real character and individuality. We’re also very good at selling!

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We can advise you on your home valuation and all the steps you can take to ensure you sercure your asking price.

We’ll assist every step of the way.
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