What We Offer

Your Unique Home, Our Tailored Service


The initial meeting helps us get to know you and your property. Our local and regional knowledge means that we’ll be able to give an accurate appraisal of value to support an informed discussion about pricing and marketing strategy.

Many factors will be at play, including the type of house, proximity to local services and, sometimes, the time of year. We’ll explain our approach to marketing and suggest which actions are likely to be most effective.   

We’ll also talk you through key forms required for a sale: the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), the Property Information Form (TA6)  and the Fittings and Contents Form (TA10). If your home is a listed property, you’ll need to show that any work done was carried out with full building consent. 


We have an imaginative and creative approach to marketing – not because it’s fashionable, but because it works. And the key to successful marketing is to do things well, consistently. 

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Honest Communication

Selling your home – and buying your next one – is a significant step. Keeping up to date is important for peace of mind as well as to make sure that nothing important is missed.


We’ll provide feedback at every stage from instruction to completion, and when the sale is agreed we’ll be on hand to assist with practicalities while solicitors get on with the legal paperwork.


When there is a chain, we’ll be in regular contact with all relevant parties and be quick to spot and help forestall anything which may cause a delay.


We’re used to working with relocation agents and relocation departments in large corporations.  We know that relocation, especially if it is at short notice, can be stressful.


With extensive local knowledge and an ethos of customer service, we’re well placed to help everything go smoothly, whether you’re moving out or moving in. 

What we do differently

We’re realistic and open minded. We know we’re not the only estate agent in Lincolnshire. But we are the only one specialising in your type of home. We love the variety of properties we get to know, and we love the people – everything we do, we do with passion and purpose.   

We love that we do things differently for a reason. With different properties, a different approach is required. To start with, our very specific business model and our unique approach means that we don’t accept every instruction that comes through the door.   

We hand pick our clients, just as they handpick us.

The properties we take on are unique. They have character and personality and sometimes they present a challenge in terms of marketing. We’re drawn to an unusual history or a striking story about the house or neighbourhood. 

In the 1990s, the property market was one of the first sectors to see the value of technology, and Turn Key are forceful advocates of the modern forms of digital marketing when they are done well. No one is as pleased as us when we deliver a swift sale at a good price. Some of our instructions, however, need careful tending to get them to the point of sale – patience and perseverance have value here, and we will discuss this with you explicitly if we feel it’s relevant.

Let's Start with a Valuation

Selling your home, demonstrating its value and finding the right buyer is a journey, not simply a transaction. Turn Key Estates takes a step by step approach to suit you.